About me

My name is Son Duc Nguyen, but you can call me Son if you prefer. I was born in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. I moved to the United States after finishing 10th grade to finish my high school program and prepare for university. That difficult period taught me to be more accountable to myself and to my work. I have a strong interest in video games and enjoy them not only as entertainment but also as artwork, from story-telling to animation. So I decided to join this community and work as a game designer/developer.

In terms of my personality, I am a friendly, easygoing, and hardworking individual. I love a good vibe and always try to live up to it. I enjoy meeting new people, especially those who enjoy playing video games. I've traveled to many countries and have many international friends, so I appreciate the distinction. I like people who hold opposing views to mine so that we can debate them and perhaps discover and learn from a new perspective. It doesn't matter to me whether I work alone or in a group because what I expect is a great outcome and how people like the product, but I prefer working in a group because hearing different perspectives is my favorite thing. Hard work is admirable, but smart work is even better.

Fun fact: If you were to ask me what my favorite game of all time is, I would say Nier: Automata. I usually play online or esports games, but only because I can do so with my friends. However, JRPGs always have a different effect on me. Nier: Automata contains every concept that a triple-A game should have, from great character design to cool "hack and slash" gameplay mechanics. Yoko Taro has magically created happiness, sorrow, surprise, and torment in his detailed story. I couldn't sleep while playing Nier: Automata because the story is so incredible. Overall, Nier: Automata solidifies my desire to work as a game designer.