Son Nguyen


Son Nguyen, Joshua Rigsby, Aaron Mills, Jared Poulson


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Pandemonium is a Third-Person Shooter with a Cyberpunk theme that focuses on wacky physics and incredible destruction. Feel like your own action hero as you take on difficult enemies with authentic sound-sampled weapons. Blow them away with a ragdoll system that is expressive and exaggerated, launching enemies around the map. Experiment with different tactics and routes on a map inspired by classic action movies. As objects procedurally break apart and reflect the chaos around you, watch the world crumble around you. Above all, we are dedicated to creating a fun and replayable core loop that we hope will entice players to keep coming back for more.

    My Contributions: Lead Game Developer
  • Researched and programmed the gameplay system
  • Managed the animation and ragdoll of 3D models
  • Created the enemy's mechanics and AI system
  • Balanced stats and gameplay, polished the game

    • My team:
    Joshua Rigsby Aaron Mills Jared Poulson